You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid state ID to enter, 21 years or older to drink.
If you look under 40 and have no I.D., you will not be permitted to enter.
Do not attempt to enter with fake or no ID, it will not work!

Due to the confusion about what is acceptable attire and what is not, we have created this detailed dress code policy. Appropriate attire means, just that, APPROPRIATE! Keep reading for more details:

Weekdays and Evenings – Smart CASUAL wear is appreciated. Examples of casual smart wear are Blue Jeans, Clean Sneakers, T-shirts, Camp Collar Shirts, Dress Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polos, and similar. Wednesdays and Thursday nights hates are allowed. Friday and Saturday they are NOT.

Friday and Saturday Nights after 10:00 PM Suggestions are Fitted T-Shirts (without advertisements or graphic designs) Button Ups, Sportscoat, Light Sweaters, Collared Shirts, Solid-color Polo Shirts, Solid or Plaid Button-up Shirts Clean Jeans, Dress Pants, Solid Color Blazers, Dark Dress Trousers, Well-Fitting Jacket, Lace Up Dress Shoes, Kakis, Clean Sneakers, Chinos, and Cowboy Boots

Headwear: Hats such as Religious, Stylish, Cowboy, or Fedora’s are welcomed at our discretion. Trucker Hats, Ball Caps, Beanies, Skull Caps, Bandanas, and Sweatshirt Hoodies are not permitted at any time. You can check them at Coat Check, or we ask that you leave them in your vehicle.

Friday and Saturday Evenings after 10 pm is Dress to Impress and all above apply 

At no time is the following attire ever acceptable at Club Smiles™:

Street Wear such as Shorts, Sweatpants, Singlets, Tank Tops, Timberlands, Gang Colors, Patches, Flip Flops, Slippers, Hoodies, Jams, Marble Bags, Baggy Jeans. Including Jeans that hang around your ass are also not permitted.

Please, do not wear anything offensive. This means nothing worn should contain any message that may be considered offensive or promote negative ethnic or racial commentary nor hatred or violence in any form. We are all equal at Club Smiles™!

To sum it up, Ladies, you can dress as SEXXXY as you’d like!

Guys, dress to impress the ladies, don’t be a slob!